Custom Button Price List 

Buttons Toronto offers an unparalleled selection of custom button shapes and sizes. The price list below is organized by size and quantity. Also note, we charge a fixed flat rate set up fee based on the number of designs that are used in your order. If you require a custom quote for a quantity or product not found on this price list, please contact us. To place an order please contact or phone (416) 593-1101

Additional Options

Buttons Toronto offers two types of magnetic buttons, which can be added to any one of our button sizes listed above:

1)  Detachable Rare Earth Magnet 

Instead of using a traditional pin to attach the button to your garment, we can remove the pin and add a rare earth magnet. The price per rare-earth-magnet is $0.45 per magnet. 

2) Full Magnet Backing 

This option removes the pin as well, but it turn any button into a fridge magnet. These buttons cannot be attached to clothing, but serve as an alternative to a traditional magnet.