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Why Buttons Toronto?

The answer is simple: quality product, lowest prices, fastest turnaround, great customer service. There is a reason Buttons Toronto has been in business for over 40 years, we make the best custom buttons in Canada and our clients know it. Your always welcome to come into our location to view samples or just check out the image gallery on our site.

5 Reasons to Choose Buttons Toronto

1. High Quality 

Our buttons are printed using the highest quality paper, state-of-the-art Canon digital presses, custom cold lamination, and 100% steel buttons parts. We make custom buttons that always stand out! No one in the industry uses the same quality digital presses and lamination that we use. If you want the best quality button, go with Buttons Toronto. 

2. Low Prices

We are able to offer the lowest prices on our products because we do so much business! We are able to purchase materials in bulk and at the lowest rates, which equates to some of the lowest prices you'll find. In fact, many smaller button companies order buttons and button materials from us, and then resell to their customers. So why go with someone else? Go straight to the source!

3. Quick Turnaround

We are able to turn around most orders under 10,000 buttons in 2-3 days and all larger order is 5-7 days. Our automated production facility allows us to manufacture buttons at speeds you won't find anywhere else in Canada.

4. Made in Canada 

Our buttons are manufactured by Buttons Toronto, in Toronto, Canada at our 20,000 square foot production facility. Your welcome to come to our location and check out our production facility any time. 

5. Largest Selection of Shapes & Sizes.  

Buttons Toronto makes over 20 different shapes and sizes of buttons, which is by far the largest selection of button sizes available in the entire world. There are a number of sizes we carry such as a the chiclet, heart shaped, beer can, and oblong button that no other company in the world carries. 

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