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Product Information 

We have the highest standards in regards to the quality of our custom buttons. We've been making buttons for over 40 years, so we've had plenty of time to perfect the process. Our buttons are printed on a Canon C-7000 top-of-the-line digital printing press. They are they die-cut and laminated (using a heavy duty roll laminator), then pressed into 100% steel button parts. As you can see, we only put the best into our custom buttons.

Canon C-7000 Digital Press

Our Digital Printing Presses


At Buttons Toronto we have two colour high-end Canon Digital Printing Presses. We have a Canon C-7000 (pictured) and a Canon C-6000, both print high resolution full colour images with remarkable quality. Our digital presses print using CMYK and are capable of colour closely matching most colours RGB and Pantone Colours.  

Custom Button Parts

Button Parts


Our button parts are custom pressed 100% steel parts, which include backs, shells, and pins. We have over 20 different size buttons parts and we stock over 50,000+ parts  of each button size we carry at all times. 

Automatic Button Machne

Automatic Button Presses


Our button production facility is fully automated, which allows us to produce over 10,000 per day if required. Our presses were built custom for our production facility. The buttons presses available for sale today are no where close to as heavy duty or fast as the presses we have on-site. 

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